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George is one of the best people to work on your systems. He has done numerous repairs without fail. He has helped me MANY times. He loves what he does and puts passion into every system he repairs or modifies. I cannot recommend anyone better to work on a system!

Jonathan E.

George has done multiple mods to systems for me over the past few years. He's brought multiple systems back from the dead for me and made other countless upgrades.  I can honestly say all of his work is nothing short of incredible. You will be blown away by his work. He's an absolute gentleman and very easy to work with. Your systems will be in great hands and when you get them back you'll really be playing with power!

Jason M.

"George is by far one of the most knowledgeable people I know! He's repaired/enhanced everything from common consoles to obscure systems like the FM Towns Marty for me. His work is super clean and his communication is second to none. He makes suggestions, he values your feedback and makes you feel like you were part of the experience. I highly recommend 1uprestorations for any console mod work"

Sal D.

George is not only an excellent technician, but an excellent person as well. He has guided me through some of my own repair work, and after having first hand experience with the work he does, I can say that he is my absolute go-to for all things retro console related. The quality just speaks for itself. He truly is a wizard.

Phil R.

George Portugal has done several screen replacements for me, including a McWill Game Gear (and capacitor replacement), a Nomad screen replacement, and a Lynx II screen replacement that turned out to be a nightmare of defective parts coming from the suppliers. He also worked on my Sega Master System, which had been dropped down a flight of stairs and alas ended up needing so many fixes that it would have been more cost effective to buy a new one.Throughout all of these repairs, George was nothing less that unfailingly courteous, polite, and all around nice. The quality of his work is excellent, and I have been most satisfied with the results of all of the repairs he’s done for me.I can unhesitatingly recommend his services.Thanks for everything, once again, sir!

Jacob N.

George is a scholar and a gentleman. He is knowledgeable in circuitry which allows him to excel in video game repair and modding. George modded an NES for me by upgrading to HDMI (also repaired a Sega Genesis and Sega CD console). I am extremely happy with everything from the finished product to the communications and friendliness throughout. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to interact with George, I suggest you take the take the opportunity to do so. If George was a console he would be an HDMI modded NES - he knows the past and is well prepared for the future. An overall joy to be around.

Nick C.

I hired George to complete some Nomad LCD replacement mods in the past. His work is top notch, and I am 100% satisfied with all of the work he's done! If you need someone to give you a top quality mod, George is your guy!

Joseph J.

George has been an excellent source of knowledge and council to the gaming community for many years now. Having fixed and modded numerous consoles of mine as well as many of my friends. His attention to detail and ability to adapt and overcome these difficult and often tedious mods makes him second to none in my opinion. In addition to being an excellent technician he's also what I would consider to be an excellent human being. Thank you for your many years of long phone calls, insightful and informative videos and dedication to preserving and enhancing the retro gaming experience.

Bert L.